The Polaroid Model '95

Sarah and I were coming towards the end of our 3 week holiday in the USA Sept/Oct 2019 when we stopped in Palm Springs, California. We were flying home from Los Angeles a few days later, and after 3000miles and several states we needed to chill out. We checked into the Westcott Hotel, which was beautifully decorated, all very 1950's art deco design. On the sideboard by the pool was displayed this rather gorgeous looking Polaroid Land Camera Model 95. I marvelled at it and took the above image with my cell phone, quite taken by the look of it, beautifully made, but, sadly, it was nothing more than an ornament for display.

Sarah....well just being Sarah

Having seen my face light up at seeing this beauty of a camera, she then proceeded to photograph it in secret and being the sleuth that she is, she found all about the model 95 Polaroid camera. Following this, she purchased not one, but all three models, the 95, 95a and 95b which she managed to acquire with various extras, the last one being the absolute complete set up of a model 95, leather case with filters, light-meter, film flash bulbs - the whole 9 yards.

Only really found in the US, Sarah managed to import these camera's as a gift for me, as my birthday follows Christmas quite soon after, I was to become inundated with 3 model 95 Polaroid Land Cameras.

I am very much looking forward to trying these out, Sarah managed to also buy some film which is 40 years out of date, so the challenge is on to get one image out of them, har-har - watch this space !!

Update March 2020

As the film is no longer available for the Polaroid cameras these days I have been experimenting with them .

We have discovered that with a little bit of messing around we can get the old polaroid cameras to accept a single piece of sheet film 5x4 and load correctly. So with the dark bag and some 5x4 slides I can easily load new film whilst on location, bit of fiddling around but I am looking forward to getting some exposures taken.