A Photographic love story

I am very blessed to have met and become engaged to the most wonderful woman through my camera and photography. Sarah and I met when I was teaching her basic photographic skills shortly after she first acquired a camera . We have been on a journey of discovery and photography which have already taken us to many great places.

We share together our passion for making people smile and making them happy through our work - allow us to make you happy too.

Sarah and I work together to bring you the most special moments though the lenses of our cameras each and every time we work together.

#livelife #lovelife #loveher

We are both very lucky to share and enjoy the same hobby, never tiring of another photographic adventure that awaits us at every opportunity, every day has an adventure, it's our job to find it.

“making photographs, waiting for and controlling light teaches us not only to see, but the skilled art of patience”