The passion began with an F

The Nikon F has always been on the list, well I shoot Nikon to this day Digitally, so it was a logical choice from which to start the collection.

I have always been passionate about shooting film and this gives me a mechanism to enjoy film but also enjoy using fully manual cameras which test your skill to the max.

I am happiest with a roll of film in a manual camera and a 50mm or 35mm prime, they make it fun and they make you work for an image, but you know your film and you know your glass - you learn its good points and capitalise on those, learning to live with and work around the not so good points. Not like today where everyone wants everything in a camera, all I ask is simplicity. Gees.... if Nikon offered a D850, which was manual mode only - 50-400ISO, single frame advance and a single auto focus point it would be 'who do I write the cheque out to'. Happiness is.....

The Cameras I love

The Cameras I love

“Working with Nikon Cameras always gives me such assurance of quality, reliability and a good rugged choice - I am proud to use these fabulous cameras to this day as my 'daily drive', but love the older models a great deal - I enjoy them all - all of the time”