Fine Art landscape Imagery

The very landscape around us offers beautiful vistas wherever we are, if only we look for them.

Our world all around us, the weather, the challenges of light and mood are what makes Landscape a passion for me, as a photographer.

I love the effects of nature, of the sun's light as it caresses the land upon which we all live. The meeting place of land and sea is where I feel most at home, akin to going back to our creation, I love the beach and all it holds dear.

I often say ''close your eyes and you will see'', never is that more relevant than sitting on a beach with the wind in your hair and the sea crashing on a shoreline, nurturing the pebbles as they rush across the tide-line, only when you close your eyes can you feel the ensemble and hear the orchestra's performance - visualise that and you can make the photograph.

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