Hi, my name is Chris Pickett

Thank-you for taking a peek into my world, I am a photographer based in the United Kingdom. I was given a Polaroid land camera when I was 10 and was hooked, a family boating holiday to Holland securing the deal, I remember my mother complaining about the cost of the film packs. I still have the images; they have stood the test of time surprisingly well .

This got me into making photographs, as I prefer to call it, because I believe that a photograph is forever meaningful. They can be kept as memories for all time, even when we leave this earth, our photos will be here and that is how people will remember us, they are there to be treasured for all time. I have been blessed with the ability to convey those memories of love and happiness from someone's delightful Wedding day to an epic landscape full of mother natures enriching beauty that inspires us all. It's my job, as the photographer, to freeze those moments in time, for all time.

My passion is my art, I feel a photograph, it comes to me like a vision in my mind and I just marvel at the wonders of the human imagination. I aspire to transform that imaginative journey into the printed form. I love to work with the elements and nature to produce fine art landscape photographs which are all for sale on the site.

The printed form is something I regard very highly, one cannot simply view a good photograph on a cell phone or small tablet for it to be truly appreciated, I often marvel myself at prints as they roll off, just how much more definition one gets. There is something so important about the tactility of a print that makes it more engaging. .

I would love for you to join me and help along the way on that journey, preserving moments to treasure for all time .



“Chris is a true professional with an eye for detail. He works with you closely and offers pre photo shoots to gain the best understanding of what it is you want to achieve whilst building a trusting and reassuring relationship along the way.

Chris offers realistic and reasonable packages and is always on hand to go that extra mile if need be.

He doest just take a picture. His photography expresses more than that.
His passion, determination, qualities and experience allows him to uniquely tell a story”