Story of a Photographer

So I am just a guy, a 50 something local lad of the Medway Towns here in Kent, England

More details of me in the Blogs but happy to be here, and I hope you are too.

I have been a keen photographer for as long as I can remember, always had an eye for a nice scene of almost any kind.

Over the years I have had many cameras both film and digital and have enjoyed making images from everywhere I have been.

My hope is from here to show my work and to be able to sell some prints directly to you fine folk, thus cutting out the expensive middle men at the same time.

Everything is for sale and if you head on over to the Gallery area you will see images in each gallery - top right corner is a basket, add the basket and you can see the cropped version for any given size and also see the price, which I believe to be highly competitive for most.

Some of my more special and fine art images carry limited editions and special prices.

Love is all